Soccer_3We have an active group of soccer fanatics who get together weekly at the club for friendly and league matches. If you are a passionate soccer fan, the German Country Club is the right place for you to “live and breathe” the game. Join today!

Indoor Soccer is a sport contested between 2 teams with 5 players on each team, 1 of those players is the goalkeeper. The football field that is played can be an indoor arena or an outdoor sports ground. The field is normally a rectangular shape which is much smaller than a normal football pitch. Nets and walls surround the field to prevent the ball from going out of play. Therefore there are no corner kicks, throw-ins and goal kicks.

The indoor soccer arena is normally covered by astro turf, wood or carpeting that is placed over the concrete floor. The offside rule is non existent in indoor soccer and a striker can stand by the opposing teams goal the whole game if he wants to. The goal keepers box, penalty area and goals are a lot smaller than normal outdoor football goals and are usually around 6 feet tall. Each indoor soccer club usually has their own set of rules which differ to that of other clubs. 

Substitution is an important part of indoor soccer as it is hard for the outfield players to give their all in 40 minutes of non stop action. Substitution normally can be made at any time during a match.

Indoor is a very fast form of soccer and if you have not played an indoor football match there is some frequently asked questions you need to know the answers to.

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